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Lilian Snider

Whimsical Artworks

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About Me


My name is Lilian Snider, welcome to my passion page. 

I've been an artist since preschool, but my art journey really began over the pandemic. Art gave me much needed structure during that time of chaos. Soon though, my work transformed beyond structure, as I found that art could be a channel. I could pour my heart and soul and thinking and feeling into my pieces. Recently, my art has transformed again, past a personal outlet to a voice. I am speaking for my beliefs and fears, hoping to start a conversation and create change. See my portfolio for more information.

I hope my art resonates with you.

With gratitude,


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To Plant a Seed

Book written and illustrated by Lilian Snider

I am so pleased and excited to share the publication of a year-long picture book writing, illustrating,
and publishing project.
The book, To Plant a Seed, is great for kids of any age, and has a theme of
kindness, with a focus on the environment. The story encourages children to celebrate and
protect nature, equalizing humans and the environment. Future plans for the project include book readings at local toy/book stores,
and promising connections with the nature conservancy; both in hope that my book might have a
greater impact on society and the environment.

This is the link to where you might purchase your own copy! 

Thank you for your support!

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